Automated Implementation of NIST Framework and Standards

ClearArmor® CRP

Cyber Governance based on NIST, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, FERPA, NERC and CIS Standards

A transformative, leadership-driven, NIST-based CyberSecurity Program, leveraging a proprietary business process combined with our advanced technology to provide comprehensive and sustainable CyberSecurity.


A standards-based CyberSecurity process solution providing a technical framework & management platform to minimize cyber risk and control security spend.


The Intelligent CyberSecurity Platform™ (ICSP™) produces a data−driven model of the IT landscape using leading edge technology to provide detailed network and system information.


Intelligent, evolving Bots monitor the network, presenting real-time configuration and utilization data about your physical, virtual and cloud network − with data flows and interactions.



ICSP provides centralized access to all status, activity, and change as they occur, giving visibility into your network with a complete history of how devices were used.

Implementing Cyber Governance

Meet Fiduciary Responsibility
Document Regulatory Compliance
Maximize CyberSecurity ROI and Quantify Risks
Enable Security-Focused Culture

Technology Behind CRP

Apply a Structured Approach to CyberSecurity
Simplify Monitoring and Control
Improve Reporting to Executives and the Board
Enhance Visibility of Your IT Environment

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Arm yourself with the tools, technology, and processes needed to create and maintain a certified CyberSecure IT Landscape.

Manage your Risks & Vulnerabilities

Continuous, Cost Effective, CyberSecurity at the Speed of Now with Documented Compliance – that’s ClearArmor’s CRP