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CyberSecurity can only be achieved through the implementation of a CyberSecurity ERP


ClearArmor’s Cybersecurity ERP implements a fully NIST/ENISA compliant management framework, deploys processes, tools, technology & metrics that enable organization to achieve NIST/ENISA defined cybersecurity.


Result: A secure network, managed risk, & documented compliance.


You owe it to yourself to ask us how.


ClearArmor – the Operating System for CyberSecurity™

ClearArmor CSRP Introduction

It’s Not About Tools

Automated CyberSecurity Audits

Automated Risk Management

Map the Network

Designed & Engineered CyberSecurity for the Enterprise


It is impossible to meet NIST CSF and ISO cyber security standards without implementing a NIST compliant, designed and engineered cyber security process that is specific to the organization.


Achieving and proving compliance with the requisite standards can only be achieved through a fully documented and continuous audit process.


The CSRP defines requirements, specifies the process, deploys the technology, creates the database, performs the analysis, defines the required actions to achieve CyberSecurity, and then completes the audits of the structured implementation of the technology.


The CSRP delivers continuous NIST defined CyberSecurity – deployed, audited and verified.


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A Managed Technology Approach to CyberSecurity


CyberSecurity is achieved by implementing a program, framework, and technology designed to fit the needs of the organization. A NIST CyberSecurity Framework-based design enables organizations to benefit from a wide range of industry best practices and meets regulatory requirements. Adopting a standards-based approach transforms your organization’s existing CyberSecurity program.


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Implement the Gold Standard


The 2017 Executive Order defines the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) as the CyberSecurity standard for the Federal Government. Gartner predicts 50% of organizations will adopt the NIST CSF by 2020, making the NIST CSF the gold standard for CyberSecurity. Implementing the Framework will enable companies to meet CyberSecurity requirements demanded by industry, stakeholders, and the Government.


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ClearArmor CSRP

Out-Of-The-Box Cybersecurity™


ClearArmor’s CyberSecurity Resource Planning (CSRP) system is a combination of methodologies and technologies, which allow organizations to achieve conformance with the NIST CSF standard. Using CSRP, organizations implement and govern a structured, manageable, and sustainable CyberSecurity program which aligns the organization’s business imperatives with its security initiatives. This innovative approach to CyberSecurity earned ClearArmor an invitation to NIST’s National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence.


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CSRP Data Sheet

Your CyberSecurity Transformed

ClearArmor CSRP

Automated implementation of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Track and access organization security training and awareness

Maintain a continuously updating database of the entire network including hardware, software, and IoT devices

Total real-time visibility into the network, attack surface, and the current CyberSecurity state

Implementation of an integrated CyberSecurity process that includes discovery, antivirus, malware, intrusion detection, and SIEM

Automation and orchestration of the software distribution, patching, monitoring, SIEM, and intrusion detection

Continuously monitor, identify risks, and conduct vulnerability assessments - SCAP, STIX, TAXII

All tools and cyber processes working within a unified environment

An automated reporting and dashboarding capability

Meet GDPR requirements

Meet 23 NYCRR 500 requirements

A Blend of Process and Technology Guided by the Framework

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Reports, Dashboards, Governance

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ClearArmor CyberSecurity Platform and Technology


Defined SOPs, continuous monitoring, automation, risk identification/mitigation, stack consolidation, compliance, reporting, and advanced technology in one product – all based on industry standards.

Real-Time Discovery of Network Components

Software and Hardware Management


Patch Management and Validation

Software Whitelisting / Blacklisting

Hardware Whitelisting / Blacklisting

Secure Software Deployment

Vulnerability and Configuration Testing Using Military-Grade Processes

Application Mapping

Port Flow Analysis

Real-Time Hash Management

Automated Configuration Management

Active Directory Management

Third-Party Integrations

Cloud, Virtual Machine, IoT, and Mobile Device CyberSecurity Management

Establish a Security-Focused Culture

Employee security participation and a security-focused corporate culture is an often-overlooked but core component of Cyber Governance.


End-Point security is an integral part of the ClearArmor CSRP. The most important network endpoint is the employee.


A proper CyberSecurity process includes a documented and continuous employee CyberSecurity program. The ClearArmor CSRP platform can integrate with existing Employee Security programs for documentation.

The process tracks employee CyberSecurity training, providing management summaries of activities and performance.

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Arm yourself with the tools, technology, and processes needed to create and maintain a secure IT landscape.

Manage your Risks & Vulnerabilities

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