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"The most innovative advancement in CyberSecurity in the last 20 years,
CyberSecurity by design, not by default."    Walt Szablowski, Chairman, ClearArmor, LLC

CyberSecurity Methodology



Cyber Security Resource Planning


Resource Planning


CiberSecurity Resourse Planning (CSRP) is a two-step process that provides work procedures & CyberSecurity requirements.


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Momentum Methodology™


M² is a business process that defines how leadership views the organization, followed by identification of vulnerabilities.


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CyberSecurity Platform


CyberSecurity Platform™


ICSP provides real-time visibility and reporting on automated activities via work-flow and program management dashboards.


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CyberSecurity LifeCycle



An Automated & AI-Driven System Life Cycle for Privacy of Information Systems, Asset Management, Automation, Security, & Organizations.
CyberSecurity Framework


ClearArmor is a process-based CyberSecurity System that is pre-configured to use the NIST Framework or any other framework combination, utilizing patent pending Blockchain-Based Access, Intrusion Detection, and AI.

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