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ClearArmor is the CyberSecurity division of Eracent Inc.


Eracent is a recognized world leader in IT and Software Asset Management sector since 1996 and currently sits in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Our clients include the UK MoD, US Air Force, GSK, Comcast, State Farm, and many other major multinational corporations.


As our technology has evolved, we noted that CyberSecurity teams were expanding on the benefit of our technology to the business, primarily through the detail and granularity of our ITMC Discovery™ process and our Software Normalisation database, IT-Pedia®.


ClearArmor was formed as a company to re-engineer these products with a complete CyberSecurity focus. These products address the total scope of CyberSecurity from discovery to AI detection of Malware, sever scanning, configuration, risk, and audit management to underpin a structured process such as NIST, ISO 27000, etc.


We believe this is the next step in the evolution to achieve true and sustainable CyberSecurity….

ClearArmor Corporation is a privately-held cybersecurity and services company headquartered in Riegelsville, PA. ClearArmor’s CyberSecurity Resource Planning (CSRP) system is a combination of methodologies and technologies, which allow organizations to achieve conformance with the NIST CSF standard. Using CSRP, organizations implement and govern a structured, manageable, and sustainable CyberSecurity program which aligns the organization’s business imperatives with its security initiatives. This innovative approach to CyberSecurity earned ClearArmor an invitation to NIST’s National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence.


The ClearArmor platform is built upon mature and trusted technology, used by the world’s most secure government and industry IT environments. Industries served include defense, critical infrastructure, healthcare, transportation, financial services, pharmaceutical, and emergency response. ClearArmor was named one of the 20 Most Promising Cyber Security Solution Providers.

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