ClearArmor’s Proactive Solutions

Don’t let your CyberSecurity program be reactive. Be proactive, build a mature CyberSecurity Program that continuously improves over time.



Identify your IT landscape


Understand your foundational gaps



Adopt best practices



Execute a continuous remediation program



Communicate results


Expand your cybersecurity programs capabilities

How can you secure what you can’t see? Do you know every device on your network? Does this include all IoT devices? Do you know every application, patch, hotfix installed? Do you know all of your shared resources? Do you know who or what service accounts access what resources?

We do. The ClearArmor Detection process can identify over 800,000 types of software, apps, patches, hotfixes, and operating systems. The ClearArmor Detection process can tell you foundational information from what is used, who uses it, what is under support, what is end of life, what is at risk.

But, before you can do anything, you need to identify everything. The ClearArmor ICSP will address your Identification requirements.

Once all aspects of the network are detected, identified, and cataloged you are prepared to begin your CyberSecurity program. Assessments are automated that identify all resources that are approaching end of life or end of support. Any gaps in patches or hotfixes. All open ports, shared resources, and applications running in your environment. The ClearArmor ICSP will assess your risks, vulnerabilities, and gaps.

Once you understand your IT landscape and respective vulnerabilities a continuous improvement plan must be adopted. The vulnerabilities and unknown software, devices, ports, shared resources must be addressed. An inability to adopt a program that addresses these continuously will lead to risk, failed audits, compliance issues, and eventual cybersecurity breaches. The ClearArmor ICSP will allow you to adopt a CyberSecurity program that is achievable, measurable, and easily understood.

Having the information and approved program to address your CyberSecurity risks puts your organization in a position to remove the most likely threats. Far too many organizations focus and spend limited IT funds on tools, processes, and time on the risk items that, while still important, are not the most likely threats. Execution of remediations identified by the ClearArmor ICSP makes your organization safer.

Communicating the magnitude of threats existing with correlating fixes provides senior leadership with a better understanding of what is needed, why it’s needed, and what is being done. Having the ability to continuously show current vulnerabilities allows you to communicate to executives to see results.

Remember, its critical to communicate your risks, remediations, and progress on a continuous up-to-the-minute basis. The ClearArmor ICSP provides accurate and relevant information in the formats required for all levels of your organization.

Once you have your CyberSecurity foundation in place, you can begin to layer in the tools, information, and processes that make your organization a less attractive target. The ClearArmor ICSP will continue to grow in features and functionality. And, the ClearArmor ICSP will allow you to consume data from other systems you have in place or plan to adopt.

ClearArmor™ Intelligent CyberSecurity Platform™ (ICSP)

A quantum leap forward in CyberSecurity risk mitigation, incident detection, and incident response.

ClearArmor™ Intelligent CyberSecurity Platform™ (ICSP) SaaS

ClearArmor offers its ICSP as a Cloud Service, providing flexibility and speed.