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ClearArmor Intelligent CyberSecurity Platform™ (ICSP)

ClearArmor’s ICSP™ provides a quantum leap forward in CyberSecurity risk mitigation, incident detection, and incident response.

The ICSP has been designed to leverage detailed asset and network discovery techniques to learn how your people and devices communicate with and to each other. The ICSP’s innovative design allows you to analyze this data, identify anomalous behavior, and proactively address the anomalies.


We designed the ICSP to be highly flexible and adaptable. The ICSP comes equipped with industry−leading functionality, including SIEM and IDS tools built in, so it can operate as a standalone product. However, if your organization has already deployed existing tools, our ICSP can interface with legacy systems, both commercial and home−grown.


Our team designed the ICSP around certain key concepts, including:

Understand your network

Your network includes your entire IT landscape, from subnets, to network devices, endpoints, operating systems, patches, hotfixes, applications, and configurations

Prioritize information

You need to be able to correlate and prioritize information about, and coming from, networks, devices, and applications to properly secure your organization

Proactive automation

Today’s security solutions need to be dynamic and proactive, and to do this they must embrace and use machine learning, autonomics, and Big Data analytics to empower automation of security monitoring and responses, otherwise you are doomed to clean up messes rather than preventing them

Understand your organization

You need to understand how your organization uses and interacts with the whole network to fully secure it

Secure & integrate

You need to tear down information silos to effectively secure your organization, integrating information not only within your network, but also outside of it

Go beyond the perimeter

To be effective, a security solution can’t stop at the perimeter of your network. You have to assume that your perimeter can be breached, and be prepared to proactively identify and address any problems that arise

ClearArmor’s ICSP™ can operate as a single standalone system, as a distributed process, and can integrate with external systems and data sources. The ICSP has been designed to be flexible and adaptive, allowing it to change and grow as technology develops over time. For example, current and future ICSP™ features will benefit from Big Data, distributed systems, machine learning, and ever-evolving automation and autonomics.


The ICSP’s InDiBots empower you with an army of persistent and adaptable robotic assistants that reduce the time needed to identify and respond to threats.  With our add-on IT Asset Management suite, the InDiBots can even help you lower your total software and hardware costs, and help you automate system management and maintenance.

Software As A Service – SaaS


For many organizations, having the flexibility to consume Software as a Service (Saas) is an attractive alternative to on-premise systems. Reducing CAPEX exposure and utilizing a favorable OPEX model, organizations have the flexibility to manage their costs in the manner that best meets their corporate objectives.


ClearArmor offers its ICSP as a Cloud Service. There are lots of great reasons to use the cloud:


  • Minimal commitments
  • Reduced management overhead
  • Rapid startup


Our platform can be offered from secure US and Global data center partners that meet FedRamp, FISMA certification when required.

Delivery Methods


At ClearArmor, we understand that no two businesses are the same. That’s why we give you the freedom to deploy our Intelligent CyberSecurity Platform™ in the cloud, on−premises, or as a hybrid. Need even more security help?

If your staff is already adept at server installation and maintenance, our on−premises solution gives you more control over data storage and information access.

Our preferred on−premises solution is packaged as its own network appliance, freeing you from the hassle of system sizing and configuration. The ICSP appliance is custom−configured to meet the ICSP’s unique workload demands. If you already have excess capacity in your data-center, ClearArmor’s team of professionals can help you configure virtual servers that support the ICSP and its mission to secure your network.

Our cloud-based solution gives you the benefits of our patent-pending ICSP without the CapEx costs, administrative hassles, and network issues associated with deploying new servers in your datacenter.

  • No more buying equipment for your data-centers, wondering if the equipment is sized and configured properly.
  • No more system maintenance headaches.

With our SaaS ICSP, ClearArmor’s staff of skilled security professionals will handle all of that for you. Our SaaS ICSP can elastically grow or shrink as your network changes, helping you keep costs under control while still providing you with the information you need, when you need it. The SaaS version of our ICSP allows you to be up and running quickly, freeing you to focus on what you need to do: securing your network.

Need more security or assurance? The ClearArmor ICSP can be offered from secure US and Global data center partners that meet or exceed FedRamp and FISMA certification when required.

Even though many organizations have embraced the cloud, sometimes there are resources and information that the organizations just aren’t ready to trust to the cloud. From financial and human resources information to the organization’s core intellectual property, these resources are typically hidden away in carefully protected networks.

ClearArmor’s hybrid option leverages our SaaS ICSP to monitor portions of your network, while the core ICSP functionality and data are locked away in an on−premises instance of the ICSP.

Understanding ClearArmor CSRP Technology

CSRP for IT Organizations

The unique ClearArmor CyberSecurity System is based upon a defined, structured, and complete approach to Network Security.

ClearArmor CSRP

The ClearArmor CSRP process empowers your organization with a comprehensive, easy-to-understand, cost-controlled, structured approach to CyberSecurity that allows your organization to create and govern a custom CyberSecurity risk management strategy.

IT-Pedia®: IT Data Library

Trying to manage an IT environment without consistent and complete data can be an exercise in futility and frustration.