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CyberSecurity Resource Planning

Recent high-profile breaches, the ever-increasing sophistication of attackers, and the changing regulatory and legal environment are causing senior managers to realize that governance of an organization’s approach to CyberSecurity needs to move from the IT department to the Board Room.


But organizations have been slow to adopt this “Cyber Governance” concept, in part because CyberSecurity is full of buzz-words with mysterious acronyms that make management heads spin and leaves them stymied to understand how all of the different pieces fit together. The ClearArmor CyberSecurity Resource Planning (CSRP) process empowers your organization with a comprehensive, easy-to-understand, cost-controlled, structured approach to CyberSecurity that allows your organization’s senior managers, Directors, and technical staff to create and govern a custom CyberSecurity risk management strategy. The CSRP process leverages industry best practices and standards to create a strong CyberSecurity risk management strategy and uses ClearArmor’s patent-pending Intelligent CyberSecurity Platform (ICSP) to continuously document the execution of the strategy.



We understand that no two organizations are exactly alike, that is why the ClearArmor CSRP process adopts a six-pronged, business-oriented approach to CyberSecurity risk management. These six prongs are:

  • Define the Organization’s Business Attributes
  • Identify Technologies used by the Organization
  • Create Custom CyberSecurity Risk Management Strategy
  • Protect through Strategic, Cost-Effective Deployment
  • Create a Culture through Communication
  • Repetition through Automation

Define the Organization’s Business Attributes

CyberSecurity is, fundamentally, about keeping your organization safe; not just your data, but also your organization’s ability to function, your reputation, and your employees. That is why the ClearArmor ICSP implementation process begins by defining your organization’s business attributes, including core business functions and key roles and responsibilities. This creates a framework and vocabulary uniquely focused on your organization, allowing your organization to understand what is being protected and why.

Identify Technologies used by the Organization

Effective Cyber Governance requires a clear view into your organization’s entire IT landscape. You can’t effectively CyberSecurity if you cannot directly measure performance and compliance. That is why ClearArmor’s ICSP deploys a team of automated, virtual robots (“bots”) to scour your IT landscape and continuously identify all found devices. Our bots do not just identify Windows machines or Linux servers like some conventional tools, they also find IoT devices, virtual machines and hosts, routers, switches, printers, and other network-connected devices. The bots comb through identified devices, collecting highly detailed information about their configuration, the software they are running, and known vulnerabilities on the devices. This creates a thorough inventory of the resources in your organization’s IT environment, including their potential vulnerabilities.

Create Custom CyberSecurity Risk Management Strategy

The ClearArmor CSRP process combines the technological information collected by the ICSP with your organization’s business attributes to create a comprehensive CyberSecurity risk management strategy based on the NIST CyberSecurity Framework. The ICSP allows devices to be categorized based on a variety of factors, including their location and relationship to business functions, the nature of the data they contain, and the people using them, allowing senior management and Directors to understand how different vulnerabilities and issues might affect day-to-day operations and where and how resources should be focused in the short and long terms. The ICSP’s interactive, customizable dashboards present trusted information valuable to the C-suite and Board, giving them the visibility and control necessary for effective Cyber Governance. The ICSP also gives your organization tools and information that can be invaluable in the event of a breach or audit, including mapping of your strategy to standards and regulatory requirements such as ISO, HIPAA, PCI, and FERPA, and NERC, and data to validate compliance.

Protect the Organization by Strategic, Cost-Effective Deployment

The business- and technology-focused CyberSecurity risk management strategy allows your organization to take a sophisticated, cost-controlled, structured approach to CyberSecurity. ClearArmor’s ICSP includes built-in bots which address typical organizational CyberSecurity shortcomings, including inventorying network devices, checking for known configuration problems and vulnerabilities, software white listing, hardware white listing, patch management, and Active Directory account monitoring. This allows your organization to quickly demonstrate that it is addressing the Center for Internet Security’s top 5 CyberSecurity controls, a set of best
practices that the Australian Department of Defense has been proven will prevent over 85% of recent cyber-attacks. The ICSP can also interface with your organization’s existing CyberSecurity tools, such as antivirus and SIEM products, allowing you to leverage your current spend and without forcing your IT staff to learn even more new tools.

Create a Culture through Communication

More than half of recent data breaches are the result of human error, which is why a security-focused culture is critical to risk reduction. From online training and information to our innovative Daily Cyber Security Report and our business-friendly dashboards, the ICSP puts useful CyberSecurity information at your entire organization’s fingertips, helping to build that security-focused culture. The ICSP can also report on the effectiveness of different testing and culture-building initiatives at the individual, departmental, and organizational levels, to ensure that employees are following through on their training.

Repetition through Automation

Cyber Governance cannot be treated as a “one and done” engagement. It is an ongoing process and requires vigilance throughout the organization, including regularly revisiting and reassessing your organization’s CyberSecurity risk management strategy. Fortunately, the ICSP’s bots automate much of this process, including monitoring of the IT environment for new hardware and software, regularly testing for changes to systems which may introduce misconfigurations or vulnerabilities, and more. This can free up your existing IT staff to focus on keeping the organization running on a day-to-day basis, while also documenting compliance with industry best practices, frameworks, and regulations.

Don’t let the mystique of CyberSecurity get in the way of effective Cyber Governance. The ClearArmor CSRP process empowers your organization with the information and visibility it needs to enhance and document its CyberSecurity.

CyberSecurity Resource Planning: Customized, Continuous, Cost-controlled, Documented Cyber Governance.

That’s the ClearArmor Difference.

Understanding ClearArmor CSRP Technology

CSRP for IT Organizations

The unique ClearArmor CyberSecurity system is based upon a defined, structured, and complete approach to Network Security.

ClearArmor ICSP

ClearArmor’s ICSP provides a quantum leap forward in CyberSecurity risk mitigation, incident detection, and incident response.

IT-Pedia®: IT Data Library

Trying to manage an IT environment without consistent and complete data can be an exercise in futility and frustration.