Immediate Data Access & Analysis

The ClearArmor™ ICSP process provides fast immediate automated access to real time Network Data (hardware specifics, software inventory, software usage, end-point user data, active processes, Patch status, network bandwidth, end-point connections, port flows, locating data. (Please email to request a comprehensive list.)

Network data and changes are sent to the ClearArmor™ ICSP process in real time. Individual Bots monitor changes, policy violations and send this data in real-time to the process for automated bot managed analysis.  Human interaction is minimized.  Automated processes monitor the real-time data for action and alerting.

The Bot managed data flows into the process database allowing total monitoring and analysis of network performance.  The process has available both current real time information and historical data.  Data analysis feeds dashboards, alarms, trend analysis and bot actions.

The ClearArmor™ ICSP– Cybersecurity superiority.

ClearArmor™ Intelligent CyberSecurity Platform™ (ICSP)

A quantum leap forward in CyberSecurity risk mitigation, incident detection, and incident response.

ClearArmor™ Intelligent CyberSecurity Platform™ (ICSP) SaaS

ClearArmor offers its ICSP as a Cloud Service, providing flexibility and speed.