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Document Regulatory Compliance

ClearArmor’s Cyber Governance Framework allows you to document your regulatory compliance. Most organizations cannot print out reports or run random audits against regulations proving compliance with many CyberSecurity industry standards such as, NIST, CIS, ISO, etc. To effectively comply with requirements, regulations, and controls – a comprehensive solution must be deployed, which documents measurement against compliance metrics and performs self assessments and random audits.


This will allow you to aid in protecting yourself and the organization.

Even with well-constructed cyber defenses, companies are still vulnerable to attack. This is evidenced in part by the fact that many companies first learn of a data breach when a third party, typically a law enforcement or intelligence agency, contacts them. How will your company respond when that call comes?


Many companies that experience data breaches are subject to lawsuits by regulators and/or customers, including class action suits. To properly defend itself, your company needs to show that it not only had a plan, but also had been diligently implementing, testing, and refining the plan, including any regulatory requirements. Manually auditing and documenting compliance for even a modest-sized network is such a significant undertaking that many companies either give up or have come to accept that they will only ever be able to partially document compliance.


Rather than relying on an army of humans to fight a computer battle, the ClearArmor ICSP allows your company to deploy an army of virtual robots (“bots”) to automate the data collection and testing processes. This greatly speeds up the data collection process, helps reduce personnel costs, and greatly improves information fidelity and reliability. These bots automatically collect and record the actions your company takes to implement its CyberSecurity plan, including who views the dashboards, how often they are viewed, and how the company’s plan and level of involvement changes over time. This allows your company to show regulators, the courts, customers, and shareholders that the data ex-filtration was the result of a highly competent adversary rather than a lack of diligence on your company’s part. This information can be vital to help your company limit its liability.


Please contact us for more information about how ClearArmor’s ICSP can meet your company’s Cyber Governance needs.

Implementing Cyber Governance

Meet Fiduciary Responsibilities

Board members and executives have a fiduciary responsibility to monitor and mitigate corporate risk and minimize financial loss.

Document Regulatory Compliance

ClearArmor’s Cyber Governance Framework allows you to document your regulatory compliance.

Maximize CyberSecurity
ROI & Quantify Risks

The very nature of CyberSecurity demands a managed effort. Few organizations have a managed effort.

Enable Security-Focused Culture

Employee security participation and a security-focused corporate culture is an often-overlooked but core component of Cyber Governance.