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Effective Metrics for CyberSecurity Enterprise Risk Management

Effective Metrics for CyberSecurity

Effective Metrics for CyberSecurity Enterprise Risk Management


CEOs and Boards have identified CyberSecurity threats as a significant enterprise risk, governed with the same rigor and discipline as other corporate risk.


Effective governance depends upon robust and accurate metrics, which are often difficult to gather for CyberSecurity. CEOs and Boards face the business problem of managing the mitigation of CyberSecurity risk. Actual mitigation of the risk is done by many people performing detailed technical and human resource tasks. It is difficult to translate all the detailed activity into summarized metrics that are meaningful for the CEO and Board.


Due to the complexities of Cyber threat mitigation, CEOs and Boards struggle with proactively identifying the CyberSecurity metrics that they need for effective governance. Generally, other people are deciding the metrics presented to the CEO and board. Often the metrics are summarized surveys of opinions on the state of CyberSecurity in the organization, instead of an analysis of actual detailed performance data.


The NIST CyberSecurity Framework provides guidance on the metrics that the CEO and Board needs for CyberSecurity governance; and the activities that should be performed for CyberSecurity risk mitigation.


ClearArmor’s CyberSecurity Resource Planning™ (CSRP™) enables organizations to implement the NIST Framework resulting in effective governance of a robust CyberSecurity program based on state of the art technology contained in ClearArmor’s Intelligent CyberSecurity Platform™ (ICSP™).


ClearArmor’s Momentum Methodology™ (M2) provides detailed guidance for the implementation of the NIST Framework based on business objectives defined by the CEO and Board. M2 assists them in defining the metrics necessary for effective governance in their organization. ICSP gathers, aggregates, analyzes, and presents those metrics.


For more information on ClearArmor’s CSRP Framework and its state of the art technology and methodology please contact us today.