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ICSP Network Definition

Your Entire Network Defined in Real-Time

Virtual / Physical and Hardware / Software

Before you can secure the network, you must first define it in its entirety…Physical, Virtual, Disk, and Memory Resident


ClearArmor’s Intelligent CyberSecurity Platform™ (ICSP™) is a data−driven visual model of your entire IT landscape. ClearArmor gives you the totally unique ability to define the scope of the network you are protection. A complete dynamic real-time inventory of all network components including make, model, and software version. A complete software inventory detailed to Version (and point Version), language, registry, settings, options for all operating systems (Windows, UNIX, Linux), and databases; including MSSQL, Oracle, SAP, and IBM.


All network hardware is uniquely defined, including PC’s, workstations, servers, routers, switches, printers, IP Devices, and Medical Devices.


Historical, current, and real-time software usage, including web and cloud usage, and memory resident processes.


Mobile devices are defined and can be managed.


All defined data is dynamically stored and updated in a real-time mode enabling complex queries and analyss of past and current behavior allowing for trend analysis, predictive analysis, and anomalies.


Windows, UNIX, Linux, Solaris

AIX, AS/400, HPUX, Mac, Mobile

Physical, Virtual, Guest-to-Host Relationships

VMWare, App-V, Hyper-V, LPARs, Citrix/XEN

Sockets, Clusters, Hyperthreading

Understanding ClearArmor CSRP Technology

CyberSecurity Resource Planning

The ClearArmor CSRP system empowers your organization with a comprehensive, easy-to-understand, cost-controlled, structured approach to CyberSecurity that allows your organization to create and govern a custom CyberSecurity risk management strategy.

ClearArmor Intelligent CyberSecurity Platform™ (ICSP)

ClearArmor’s ICSP provides a quantum leap forward in CyberSecurity risk mitigation, incident detection, and incident response.

IT-Pedia®: Comprehensive IT Product Data Library

Trying to manage an IT environment without consistent and complete data can be an exercise in futility and frustration.