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IT-Pedia®: Comprehensive IT Product Data Library

It’s All About the Data


Trying to manage an IT environment without consistent and complete data can be an exercise in futility and frustration. For instance:


  • Inconsistent product naming conventions across various systems and applications results in duplication and tedious cross-referencing efforts.
  • Building an asset or service catalog from multiple sources can result in an inconsistent, incomplete jumble that is ineffective and lacks credibility.
  • Software Asset Management (SAM) processes can be very manual and time-consuming if current and accurate information about applications is not readily available.
  • Plans for consolidations, moves and improvements cannot be made without hardware details. Physical dimensions, power usage and performance details play a large role in infrastructure and facility planning.
  • Without product end-of-life data, it’s almost impossible to proactively plan for upgrades in order to avoid compatibility issues and reduce the threat of security risks due to discontinued product support.


The Solution


IT-Pedia® is an unparalleled library of information about current and legacy IT products of all types – hardware, software, mobile devices, and network, telecom and environmental equipment. This invaluable resource contains information about millions of enterprise products, versions, packages, and each product record contains attributes that are essential during the IT planning, budgeting, purchasing and maintenance phases.

IT-Pedia® attributes include: 


  • Hardware makes and models
  • Software versions, programs, and product use rights
  • Manufacturer and reseller product codes, SKUs and UNSPC classification data
  • Physical dimensions, weight, power utilization, and other characteristics
  • MSRP pricing
  • Vendor details, and much more.




Data Normalization


Detailed product attributes provide a foundation for normalizing data from multiple sources into a common naming convention. Utilizing this normalized data across related systems improves process efficiencies and minimizes redundancies. In conjunction with Eracent’s SCANMANTM application recognition knowledgebase, IT-Pedia® provides a powerful complete data normalization solution.


Catalog Creation and Enhancement


IT-Pedia® significantly reduces the time it takes to create comprehensive and detailed asset and service catalogs, or to expand the product details in an existing catalog. It eliminates the information gaps and inconsistencies that can be caused by incomplete purchase data or manual, iterative approaches to catalog creation.


Security and Compatibility


Products that are no longer supported can cause ongoing system compatibility issues and put networks and endpoints at risk, since patch support will not be available. End-of-Life (EOL) and End-of-Support (EOS) data can identify products whose support will end in the near term, allowing organizations to plan accordingly.


Up to Date and Easy to Use


  • The library is updated daily, using multiple authoritative sources of data.
  • An API intelligent search gives you precisely the data that you need without forcing large data downloads
  • IT-Pedia® is a securely hosted data service (DaaS) with an annual subscription and optional access levels.

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