Network Management & Security

System Management & Security can be a struggle. Who is on your network, what is on your network, and more importantly – which go undetected? From malware to old devices, keep your network up to date. Don’t bring a human to a machine fight.

Our Intelligent CyberSecurity Platform™, “ICSP™” for short, is ClearArmor’s cybersecurity software and management framework. It creates a data-driven visual model of your entire IT landscape – it maps out the landscape how it is now and it automatically updates itself as your network changes. ICSP uses innovative processes to provide you with detailed network and system information, at the speed of now. With the ability to evolve as your network and technology evolves, ClearArmor’s Intelligent Discovery Bots™ (InDiBots™) actively monitor the network, creating a network baseline and presenting configuration & utilization information about your real / virtualized network and computing devices – including data flows and interactions – down to the subnet and device level. In today’s environment of BYOD (bring your own device) and IoT (internet of things) there are more pathways into your network, increasing the odds of a breach or hack.

Intrusion Prevention / Intrusion Detection

The ClearArmor ICSP is available to interface with data acquired from leading Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), and firewalls. By bringing data on events of interest into the ClearArmor ICSP, clients are better empowered to correlate data and continuously improve on a client organizations overall cybersecurity health. The interface to each unique IDS, IPS, and Firewall is facilitated by a BOT configured to speak to that system. To the ClearArmor ICSP these systems information is presented as a source of key CyberSecurity data.


By providing client organizations with a tireless set of systems that monitor CyberSecurity in a holistic and correlative manner, data is no longer reviewed after the fact but before negative impacting events occur and as situations evolve. Client organizations monitor all elements of CyberSecurity allowing for an orchestration of events, findings, and recommendations. Compliance and Internal Audit Teams can directly ingest information they need while allowing SOC and administrative teams to ingest their information. All monitored as to who can access what information, and when it was accessed.

Wireless Detection

Many organizations utilize wireless networks for their everyday business. Some of these networks may have dedicated purposes, other utilized for staff or guests. Other times clients may see wireless networks within proximity to their office space. While it may not be possible to detect what the purpose of a wireless network is, the detection of a new wireless network may point to nefarious and unapproved behavior. Treating this is data that allows for the detection of anomalous events, behavior, and situations is a critical ability of the ClearArmor CyberSecurity Intelligence system.

Network Traffic

Client Organizations are faced with a need to continuously audit systems. This auditing, whether it be Active Directory, open ports, admin accounts, share drives, and other changes is critical. Early detection of system changes allows for a proactive approach to CyberSecurity.