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Quantify and Mitigate Risks

The very nature of CyberSecurity demands a managed effort.


Few organizations have a managed effort. To “Detect, Mitigate and Protect” the CyberSecurity process requires numerous technical tools and processes. Typically, the tools and processes are stovepipe applications that generate independent data stored in local databases without central management. Current organization CyberSecurity solutions may or not be functioning and if they are, they are not incorporated into standard documented process. Since networks are not well defined, the application is not properly deployed and the resulting data is not useful.

ClearArmor: Maximize ROI and Quantify Risks Dashboard

A CSRP (CyberSecurity Recourse Planning) forces integration and analysis of the CyberSecurity applications against an overall framework. Applications are reviewed and decisions are made as to the necessity of the data and associated actual cost of the application in maintenance fees and work effort.


It is easy for organizations to waste money and effort on the latest CyberSecurity point solution; there is a temptation to think “If we just spend money and incorporate the latest ‘Hot Solution’ surely we’ll be protected.” As a result, organizations have many CyberSecurity point solutions but lack an executive view that ensures the software is deployed and actively in use and the data generated is useful and complete. Spending money on solutions that end users or administrators disable because they cause performance problems or just do not use can be worse than not having the solutions at all, since it can create a false sense of security and diverts resources from other, potentially valuable activities.


The ClearArmor CSRP solution quantifies CyberSecurity spend.


All costs can be quantified, along with a process that includes active solution management, contract management, storage of associated documents, agreements, licensing and administrative efforts. The process sends alerts, and monitors application activity. The ClearArmor SRP solution summarizes data through dashboards and reports to provide the data you need to oversee a successful CyberSecurity process.


By understand and quantifying the full cost of CyberSecurity and the proposed changes, the organization assesses any further purchases by quantifying the risk-benefit against risk tolerance and cost increases.

Implementing Cyber Governance

Meet Fiduciary Responsibilities

Board members and executives have a fiduciary responsibility to monitor and mitigate corporate risk and minimize financial loss.

Document Regulatory Compliance

ClearArmor’s Cyber Governance Framework allows you to document your regulatory compliance.

Maximize CyberSecurity
ROI & Quantify Risks

The very nature of CyberSecurity demands a managed effort. Few organizations have a managed effort.

Enable Security-Focused Culture

Employee security participation and a security-focused corporate culture is an often-overlooked but core component of Cyber Governance.