SCADA / ICS Security and Management

A compromise the ICS / SCADA network could results in a huge financial loss, a loss of reputation, an environmental catastrophe, and most critical – workplace injuries and fatalities. ClearArmor’s ISCP delivers critical security for your ICS / SCADA system.

Our Intelligent CyberSecurity Platform™, “ICSP™” for short, is ClearArmor’s cybersecurity software and management framework. It creates a data-driven visual model of your entire IT landscape – it maps out the landscape how it is now and it automatically updates itself as your network changes. ICSP uses innovative processes to provide you with detailed network and system information, at the speed of now. With the ability to evolve as your network and technology evolves, ClearArmor’s Intelligent Discovery Bots™ (InDiBots™) actively monitor the network, creating a network baseline and presenting configuration & utilization information about your real / virtualized network and computing devices – including data flows and interactions – down to the subnet and device level. In today’s environment of BYOD (bring your own device) and IoT (internet of things) there are more pathways into your network, increasing the odds of a breach or hack.