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A Standards-Based Approach to CyberSecurity

Industry Standards Create a Sustainable and Defensible CyberSecurity Program


Industry standards are published documents that establish requirements and methods, which are designed to increase the reliability of products and services.  They make it easier and cheaper for organizations to access and use knowledge gained by industry experts.  When industry standards are properly applied to CyberSecurity, they allow organizations to create a robust and sustainable CyberSecurity program.

CyberSecurity industry standards, when implemented correctly, have additional advantages. They allow organizations to assess their current state of CyberSecurity readiness, identify their desired state, perform a gap analysis, and create a plan to address the gaps.  These assessments can be compared to industry peers and competitors, allowing organizations to better understand their relative CyberSecurity risk posture, and how to prioritize addressing the gaps.


Adopting industry standards allows organizations to move from ad-hoc CyberSecurity to a more defensible and coordinated approach to CyberSecurity, which is sustainable.  To learn more about how your organization could benefit from implementing a standards-based CyberSecurity program, contact us.

See NIST’s video on their Cybersecurity Framework