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Tax Season Scams CyberSecurity

  With tax season upon us, it is wise to be on guard for phishing and other attacks that can make it easy for others to assume your identity. Phishing, where an attacker uses social engineering to obtain information about or from you, can be particularly effective.  Some attackers, for example, might call you on the phone and pretend to be from the IRS or a...

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CIS and NIST recently updated their critical security controls and framework. The critical security controls and framework make us CyberSecuirty and Network Mangement Best Practices.   Cybersecurity breaches into energy, industrial, and healthcare-based networks are happening more frequently and at an alarming rate. According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), for many, it’s not a matter of if an intrusion will take place, but when.1  New practices state that networks should be...

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  A Team-Based Approach to CyberSecurity: C-Level Executives, General Counsel, and Decision Makers – Security Challenges   CyberSecurity breaches mean big losses for companies, including headlines that drive away customers, lost employee morale and productivity, and breach notification and remediation costs.  State and local governments, shareholders, and investors are starting to hold senior executives, including boards of directors, C-level executives, general counsel, and other corporate decision-makers directly accountable when...

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