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[Webinar] A Team-Based Approach to CyberSecurity

[Webinar] A Team-Based Approach to CyberSecurity


A Team-Based Approach to CyberSecurity:
C-Level Executives, General Counsel, and Decision Makers – Security Challenges


CyberSecurity breaches mean big losses for companies, including headlines that drive away customers, lost employee morale and productivity, and breach notification and remediation costs.  State and local governments, shareholders, and investors are starting to hold senior executives, including boards of directors, C-level executives, general counsel, and other corporate decision-makers directly accountable when (not if) such breaches occur.


In this webinar we discuss techniques for empowering your organization, security teams – through executives, with the information the organization needs to combat cyber criminals and respond when the inevitable breach occurs.


NIST, CIS, and others have published recommended security practices, and compliance with these practices will be key to helping reduce the organization’s risk exposure when there is a breach.


Our discussion will focus on the following key topics:


  • How can senior executives certify that the company is in compliance with NIST, CIS, and other practices, when SANs, IoT devices, SCADA / ICS, or cloud-based services are becoming increasingly common?
  • Recent state and local cybersecurity and privacy enforcement actions.
  • Cyber Governance and privacy and cybersecurity by design concepts.
  • Why a team-based approach to cybersecurity is the only practical solution?