You know that old saying, “The best defense is a strong offense”? We agree.  Companies can not afford to sit idly by as cybercriminals burrow their way into the corporate network, silently extracting data and value from the company.  To effectively defend themselves from cybercriminals, companies need to go on the offensive, peering into the hidden corners of the network to find and eradicate hidden dangers.  ClearArmor™ Corporation’s patent-pending solution gives your company the visibility it needs to actively combat cyber threats.  Our continuously-updated, comprehensive data feed and powerful network analytics help identify and root out cyber threats lurking in your network.


Ownership of Responsibility

Cybercrime can shake a company to its core and cost the company dearly.  Unless your company has been the victim of a cyberattack, you probably think of the costs as mostly involving stolen intellectual property, lost funds, or lost client data.  But, behind the scenes, cybercrime costs also include lost productivity, higher insurance costs, erosion of shareholder value, and lost employee morale.  Add in the cost of lost sales due to the damage to your company’s reputation, and even a single cybercrime event can have serious, long-term effects on your company and its bottom line.   Shareholders, investors, and lawmakers are demanding that companies make cybersecurity a priority, and are placing the responsibility for securing your company’s networks, systems, data, and client information squarely on the shoulders of the company’s most senior executives.  Many cybersecurity vendors offer niche products that let your company’s SecOps teams target specific issues, but these products fail to give those with ultimate cybersecurity responsibility, the company’s executives, the insight and control they need to be responsive to today’s business environment. Many executives are not technical and would suffer from information overload if they had to review information from SIEM, ITSM, logging, IDS, IPS, and other such tools.

At ClearArmor, we believe security needs to come from the top, that is why we empower the company’s C-level executives by providing them with immediate insight into their company’s cybersecurity readiness and threat responses without sacrificing the functionality that SecOps teams have come to expect, allowing the entire company to work as a cohesive whole to combat cyber threats.  This top-down, information-based approach to cybersecurity allows companies to respond more effectively, and to provide assurances to shareholders, customers, and lawmakers that when the inevitable cyber-attack happens, the company is poised to respond quickly.  We refer to this as “CyberSecurity through visibility, at the speed of now.”


Seeing through the Armor

Your company simply can’t afford to postpone implementing cybersecurity tools until after it is attacked, and you need to have tools in place that allow you to create effective attack strategies. ClearArmor’s patent-pending Intelligent CyberSecurity Platform™ (ICSP™) allows your company to create and execute comprehensive cybersecurity strategies specifically tailored to your network.  Every router, firewall, endpoint, IoT device, driver, operating system, etc. on your network is a surface that adversaries can attack, and you need to see them all to protect them all. That is why the ClearArmor ICSP uses a continuously-updated asset discovery process to give you deep insight into your network.  Fighting cybercrime is a series of battles in a never-ending war. The ICSP gives you a continuously-updated model of your battlefield, with the ability to see how it, and your adversaries’ responses, morph over time.


Cybersecurity through Visibility, at the Speed of Now

The continuously-updated nature of the ICSP’s information allows us to provide all levels of your organization with the ability to see what they need to see, in a way appropriate for them, as it exists at any given point in time.  We also store much of this information, so your company can see how the network changes over time. The ICSP’s dynamic and customizable dashboards allow easy, intuitive access to a wide range of information, from high-level overviews of system and network performance attributes to hyper-detailed network, device, software, and OS level information.  The ICSP puts the relevant information your team members need at their fingertips, and helps them ignore the noise.


Respecting Your Hard Work

We know that your company may have already invested heavily in existing solutions, which might make the idea of migrating to a new platform less desirable.  Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to throw those away. Although the ICSP comes pre-packaged with an excellent suite of CyberSecurity tools, we have architected the ICSP to interface with third-party SIEM, ITSM, IDS, IPS, log file analysis, and other such tools too.  So your company can significantly increase its security footing without having to disrupt business as usual.


One Size Fits All?

It doesn’t work in cars or with clothes, and it doesn’t work in Cybersecurity.  At some point each organization has different cybersecurity needs, and these needs can be influenced by a variety of factors. That is why ClearArmor offers a range of cybersecurity products and services based around our innovative ICSP, including on-premises, certified equipment and systems managed by your teams; on-premises certified equipment and systems managed remotely by our teams; implementation on your systems using our certified specifications; and even a SaaS model.



The ClearArmor ICSP –Giving the entire organization the visibility to orchestrate comprehensive, holistic cybersecurity.  Built on a modular platform that allows the ICSP to evolve and adapt as your network and threat landscape changes.  In short: CyberSecurity through visibility, at the speed of now.  That’s ClearArmor.